IPTV Service


More than 15 years of experience in:
  • Developing and maintaining innovative front-end solutions on Mediaroom.
  • Creating amazing user interfaces and experiences using PF.
  • Integrating Mediaroom and MediaFirst middleware’s with Telco backends while ensuring the highest levels of stability, performance, and interoperability.

We operate a Mediaroom Personal Server in our Labs so you can rest assured that what works for us will work for you.

We are experts in numerous frameworks and languages (dotnet, java, NodeJS, python…etc.), so whatever your services are built on we can accommodate.


EAS Engine

Provisions STB FIPS codes. Delivers emergency alerts to Mediaroom and MediaFirst devices.

Voice Assistant

Controls STBs via voice commands (volume, tuning, apps...etc.). Supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Holiday App: App and game launcher for the holiday season.

Notification Framework

End to end solution for messaging Mediaroom STBs. Allows operators to multicast select messages to account groups.

Account Manager

Portal that facilitates managing and provisioning accounts across multiple middleware’s (Mediaroom, MediaFirst...etc.)

Music Room

Application that simplifies finding music on Mediaroom (supports IPTV music channels and OTT music feeds).

World View

Application that can load public channel feeds. Supports Mediaroom and Android TV.

Mediaroom Games

Hangman, who wants to be a Millionaire.


9GAG Client for Mediaroom.

App Manager
  • LAUNCHPAD: Application launcher that gives users’ access to the supported TV Application.
  • BOOTSTRAPPER: Enables users to launch multiple background applications simultaneously.
Customer Care Apps
  • CUSTOMER FEEDBACK APP: Allows users to be self-served by dropping their complaints directly to the IPTV provider.
  • MEDIAROOM INSTALLER DIAGNOSTICS: STB Diagnostic tool for checking, preventing, and solving installation issues.
Viewing Apps
  • SMART TV WIDGET: Is a portal that facilitates TV viewers’ experience.
  • WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING?: Enables users to have an idea on what are their friends watching.
  • WHAT: Displays the shows by categories for users and allows drilling down into a certain category.
  • SD TO HD: Detects when users are watching an SD channel having HD equivalent.
  • PICTURE & PICTURE: Enables users to watch two different shows on the same screen.
  • MUTE: Shows subtitles when users click the mute button.
  • SMART RCU: Enables users to operate ecosystems via smart devices (phones or tablet) as a Remote Control.
  • RATEME: Enables users to rate any sort of program that they are watching.
  • I-RECORD: Enables users to record scheduled shows remotely.
  • SMART ADS: Allows the IPTV provider to insert ads in running shows.
User Apps
  • MY WEATHER: Adapts the Weather to the user’s current location.
  • MY AGENDA: Provides an interactive calendar with the ability to schedule reminders.
  • MY CALENDAR: Calendar for Mediaroom. Can work either standalone or integrate with Google Calendar.
  • MY CHANNEL: Enables users to create their own multimedia channel (movie, pictures, music…) and share it with their friends and or family.
  • TASTY RECIPES: Enables users to check on any recipe while watching movies.
  • FB APP: Allows you to share, comment and upload pictures while watching TV.
  • TWITTER APP: Displays twitter feeds for a channel.
  • DELIVER-IT: Allows users to order food by checking online the options available.
  • SCORE FORECAST: Helps users to be part of the game by making their own comments and suggesting score views.
  • MY FLIGHT: Allows users to check on Flight Schedules in available airports.
  • MY MAP: Enables users to check on available maps.
  • PHONE BOOK: Is a link to the Yellow Pages.
  • HEALTHCARE APP: Allows users to access their health details from their TV.
  • WIFI PORTAL: Allows mobile users to access the Internet through public Wi-Fi hotspots.
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